Team Coaching to maximize profits, client results, and team happiness

Leverage for Growth® Ascension is a 12-month Team coaching program that gives you the confidence in the long-term direction of your agency by building your C-suite, creating leaders and exponentially scaling so you can have the option to sell your agency. 

This program is designed for you and your C-level team. Full access to Leverage for Growth Alliance plus you and your team get to meet with Jesse P. Gilmore weekly. Get your C-level employees and business partners involved in your agency’s growth. Jesse guides the team as your agency reaches new heights. Exclusive for agency owners.
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Who it’s for

Leverage for Growth® Ascension is for you if you’re a marketing agency owner with an existing agency team making at least $50,000/month. If this is you, you’re probably focused on:

  • Scaling while maintaining a high ROI and organizational alignment.
  • Hiring and managing cross-functional teams in operations, marketing, sales and management.
  • Delegating the day-to-day operations and being able to manage teams
  • Running your business by the numbers with 50%+ profit margins with 20% or less tax.
  • Developing leaders and managers within the agency while keeping it simple.
  • Having the confidence needed in your people and entire business systems to scale bigger.


What members are saying


“Over the months, I’ve been able to leave my business and focus on growing it rather than being in it.”

“After getting 1:1 and operations started flying, my team got super busy. I thought it would be cool if they had the same personal development. I did. So with a lot of the stuff that Jesse was developing with my career, time blocking, helping people become more organized, I wanted to bring my team into that. I want them to develop in the same way. The thing that is making it work for us is that I have a team that wants to develop. They were excited to jump into this course and they’re like, ‘I really want to learn. I want to grow.’ So having a team like that, plus the consulting that Jesse brings and the knowledge, it’s insane to see it paired together. I feel like over the months I’ve been able to leave my business and focus on growing it rather than being in it.”

Nick Rubright

CEO, New Reach Agency

How Warren Went from $15k/month with One Employee to a Team of 8 @ $100k+/month in 9 months

How Susan Turned Her Agency Around, 2X Revenue and was Acquired in 18 months

“Grew our business by over 400% in the first 6 months”

“Working with Jesse allowed me to make it through a challenging, but rewarding [first] 6 months including repackaging our services, firing that new employee, hiring 4 others, losing a key contractor, putting together a formal training program and growing our business by over 400%…. I highly recommend working with him!”

Warren Thompson

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Ollo Metrics

How it works

Leverage for Growth® Ascension gives you everything you need to achieve this transformation:

  • Custom plan: 1on1 onboarding session with Jesse to map out your plan for the year.
  • Coaching: 1-hour weekly facilitated coaching call with your team on Zoom where you and your executive team can ask Jesse questions live and get your business problems solved.
  • Accountability: Monthly check-in calls from Jesse to review the business metrics and to hold you accountable.
  • Tools: Get all the tools required to build, test, maintain, and optimize all business systems and develop your teams.
  • Network: Gain access to Jesse’s network for referral partners, white label partners, strategic partners, and other resources outside of the program to get you what you need.
  • Support: Get support in between weekly sessions for feedback or emergencies as they come up.

How to get started

If you’re a marketing agency owner with an existing agency team making at least $50,000 /month and you’re interested in working together to maximize profits, client results, and you and your team’s happiness —

Schedule a call using the calendar below and Jesse will meet with you to see if Leverage for Growth® Ascension is a good fit. If you have any questions, email 

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