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AL EP 14: Kyle Barry – SOPs Hold The Power To Grow Your Agency

Episode Date:Mar 30, 2023

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning continuous improvement. Kyle Barry, the owner of Kaizen Marketing Agency, studied the samurai’s application of continuous improvement and applied it to the war game of paintball. Seeing its value in battle, he applied it to his business through the utilization of SOPs, which allowed him to scale his business. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provide clear, detailed instructions for carrying out essential tasks and processes in an agency. By establishing SOPs, an agency can ensure that all team members are on the same page and that tasks are completed consistently and efficiently. This not only saves time and reduces errors but also sets the foundation for continuous improvement. By regularly reviewing and updating SOPs, an agency can identify areas for improvement and implement changes to optimize performance. SOPs also enable easier training of new team members, which helps to maintain consistency in agency operations. Overall, SOPs are a valuable tool for agencies looking to achieve greater efficiency, consistency, and continuous improvement.

In this episode, Kyle goes into detail about how the concept of Kaizen is applied to agency ownership, and how he achieved the four key positions of business success. 

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Show Notes

Kaizen is a marketing agency built by enterprise level media buyers and operation experts for small to medium sized business. Their goal is to help small budget clients find success with online advertising to a level of success that leads to franchising, expanding markets, and national growth of a local company. They reverse funnel the leading marketing campaigns from lead generation to e-commerce in order to develop marketing strategies that can let any size budget compete against national competition. Their core values include client ownership of all aspects of digital advertising, transparent reporting and communication, ownership of success and failures, and finally a clear A/B testing system that delivers clear answers and understanding of success to our clients.

You can connect with Kyle Barry and Kaizen Marketing Agency here:

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