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AL EP 22: Duane Brown – Pricing For Your Service

Episode Date:Apr 11, 2023

Are you charging the right price for your services? Duane Brown, the Founder & Head of Strategy for Take Some Risk, has pricing advice to set you on the right track! Duane discusses the agency's history and how they evolved their pricing strategy. Brown emphasizes the importance of charging what you're worth rather than commodity-based pricing. Your pricing strategy will change based on how long you have been in business. Duane shares his opinion on hourly pricing, and shows the advantages to a mixed model where they charge a monthly strategy fee and a percentage of spend. Brown believes in optimizing for both happiness and profit. Take Some Risk is a profitable agency because they charge what they're worth and refuse to give discounts just to slap a logo on a website. Brown suggests that entrepreneurs should niche down in some way and find their value proposition, charge what they're worth, and track their revenue and expenses to ensure they're a profitable business.

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Show Notes

Duane has been called an international man of mystery and digital nomad by friends. He has lived in 6 cities across 3 continents and visited 42 countries around the world. Over the years Duane has had the opportunity to work with brands including ASOS, Birdies, Pela Case, Jack Wills, Rose & Rex and FTD/ProFlowers. Him and his team help ecommerce and DTC brands grow through PPC marketing, data, and CRO.

Connect with Duane Brown & Take Some Risk here –
Web: https://www.takesomerisk.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/duanebrown/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/duanebrown

Episode Transcript

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