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AL EP 36: Ashley Busbee – Having High Moral Standards to Succeed

Episode Date:May 1, 2023

Today Jesse talks shop with Ashley Busbee, the Vice President of TC Squared Marketing and Advertising Services! In this episode, Ashley emphasizes the importance of high moral standards in the industry. She stresses that agencies must take responsibility for their clients' spending as if it were their own and always act in an ethical manner. Ashley highlights that even though clients may ask them to beat up stations for discounts or attack competitors on Google, it's crucial to educate them on the consequences of their actions. By maintaining a strong ethical standard, agencies can ensure that they never jeopardize their clients' brands or reputations. So, for any aspiring agency professionals, Ashley's advice is clear: uphold high moral standards at all times, and you'll achieve success in this industry. Remember that taking someone's money and spending it is a big responsibility, and ethical conduct should always be a top priority.

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Show Notes

Connect with Ashley Busbee and TC Squared Marketing & Advertising Services here:
Web – https://tcsquaredmarketing.com/

Episode Transcript

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