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AL EP 38: Michael DeMos – Using Consumer Data to Drive Client Results

Episode Date:May 3, 2023

Michael Thomas, CEO of the Victory 360 Agency, talks about the evolution of his direct mail marketing agency, how he focuses on continuous improvement and being a partner with the client. He discusses the importance of measurable results and helping clients achieve their goals in the most effective way, regardless of whether it involves his agency or another resource. Michael shares his excitement about automating consumer behavior data analysis using machine learning, which will allow his agency to provide even more effective marketing solutions to their clients in the home services industry.

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Show Notes

Michael DeMos has a 30-year successful track record of building companies from ideation to profitable ventures and exits. His very exciting career has included a diversity of roles and responsibilities providing him with a unique perspective on problem solving innovation and industry disruption. Victory 360 is a data-driven, full-service direct response agency focused on helping B2C service providers drive higher response rates, better return on advertising spend and lower costs per lead. The company is a trusted resource for understanding consumer buying behaviors and maximizing the impact of every advertising dollar.

Connect with Michael DeMos & The Victory 360 Agency here –
Web: https://www.victory.360.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/3627098
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Victory360

Episode Transcript

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