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AL EP 52: Adam Elbendary – Hustle Culture Leads to a Shorter & Sadder Life

Episode Date:Jul 12, 2023

Adam Elbendary, CEO of Cleverman Inc, highlights the importance of finding balance and avoiding the detrimental effects of hustle culture. Learn how sustainable practices lead to a more fulfilling life. Embrace a healthier approach to work and discover the path to a longer, happier journey.

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Show Notes

As an award-winning digital marketing agency owner and visionary campaign strategist, Adam Elbendary has a reputation for helping businesses meet and surpass their growth objectives. He has an impressive track record of delivering exceptional ROIs for professional service and software companies through his proprietary lead generation systems, which regularly achieve best-in-class customer acquisition costs. In 2019, Adam founded Cleverman Inc., a results-oriented lead generation agency where he is the acting CEO. No matter the growth stage, Adam and the Cleverman Inc. team know what it takes to grow an organization.

Connect with Adam Elbendary & Cleverman Inc here –
Web: https://clevermaninc.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elbendary

Episode Transcript

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