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Episode 10: Escape Limiting Environments

Episode Date:Feb 7, 2023

Jesse P. Gilmore reflects on the pivotal moment when he decided to leave corporate America and start Niche In Control. As you look at your own life, what are the environments that are holding you back? And what can you do to escape them?

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Episode Transcript

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Jesse P. Gilmore
You are now listening to Leverage for Growth. Hey, everybody, this is Jesse Gilmore, founder of Niche in Control and creator of Leverage for Growth. Welcome to the Daily Leverage Edition. Today’s topic is this: Escape Limiting Environments. Sit back, relax, and welcome to today’s Daily Leverage. So this morning I was doing my morning routine of stacking and reflected on a conversation that I had with my wife last night after the kids were asleep.

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Jesse P. Gilmore
We talked about how our life was like pre-COVID pre Niche In Control, pre the birth of our daughter, and we were stuck in corporate America. In order to understand the lesson of truly escaping limiting environments. I’m going to tell you a story about when it was just about three years ago and what my life was like in life and business.

00;01;06;24 – 00;01;30;28
Jesse P. Gilmore
It was January of 2020. Me, my wife, and our two year old son, Maverick, were living in Corvallis, Oregon. Both me and my wife are working in corporate America in jobs that we hated for the same reason. We just felt stuck. And we saw through the corporate game, we saw the lies. We saw the corporate politics, the golden handcuffs.

00;01;30;28 – 00;01;53;22
Jesse P. Gilmore
We saw the restrictions that were put on us by giving our time, energy and attention, to stay in the rat maze known as corporate America. Now, for some people, being a corporate employee is really a dream. It was actually our dream before we started to unlock the potential within us. We were called to serve more people in powerful ways, and we didn’t really know what that meant.

00;01;54;13 – 00;02;15;13
Jesse P. Gilmore
And in January of 2020, when we had made the decision to move to Wilsonville, Oregon, either right before or right after the birth of our daughter in April, we would move away from Corvallis so that we could get closer to Portland, Oregon, and I could take a consulting gig while I started to build my consulting portfolio.

00;02;15;15 – 00;02;39;22
Jesse P. Gilmore
With Niche In Control, we started to look at places in Wilsonville, and once we had one picked out, we had planned to move mid-April during my 12 weeks of maternity leave and start applying for jobs. And in March of 2020, we started to notice that during our weekly date nights, we actually had date lunches and that people stopped coming to the restaurant

00;02;39;28 – 00;03;04;21
Jesse P. Gilmore
we were frequenting, and we started to actually learn more about this thing called the Covid. And in the first week of March, one of my coworkers at the time talked about how she went to a funeral over the weekend and learned that there was a person there that was coughing all the time. That had been really close to the person that passed and everybody was giving them hugs and the person was from Italy.

00;03;05;01 – 00;03;32;05
Jesse P. Gilmore
And they started to understand that maybe that person actually had COVID. And so my coworkers realizing maybe I’m actually holding on to it and were all like, “Holy crap!” And I knew that at that time I was three weeks away from my wife giving birth, and I wanted to really make sure that I didn’t have any complications or any issues with COVID and that.

00;03;32;18 – 00;03;56;01
Jesse P. Gilmore
So I quickly texted my wife that I’d work from work from home. You know, ask your boss if you’re able to do that. And that was on a Thursday. And by Friday, we had basically packed up everything and we got the okay from our bosses at that time to work from home because we were probably like 24 hours ahead of everybody else asking for the same thing.

00;03;56;18 – 00;04;24;13
Jesse P. Gilmore
And we ended up grabbing all of our stuff from the corporate offices that we needed and we started to work it from home during that time, and that was the first week of March. And by the second week was when things started accelerating with COVID and more restrictions and things started happening. So we ended up calling the apartment complex to make sure that we’re in, and we started to move it as fast as humanly possible.

00;04;25;12 – 00;04;59;11
Jesse P. Gilmore
And to kind of speed up the story a bit. We ended up working from home leading up to the birth of our daughter. We ended up moving from Corvallis to Wilsonville on the day that the restrictions and the stay at home kind of restrictions and quarantining started, we ended up escaping Corvallis and moving to Wilsonville. And during that time, birth of our daughter was on April 1st and we ended up basically starting this journey.

00;04;59;12 – 00;05;32;12
Jesse P. Gilmore
So paternity leave happens and I start to I’m trying not to be connected to corporate America by start realizing that my team goes into a furlough and pretty much everybody is in this furlough for a period of time. And I realize that I have three months to create a some type of security, some type of thing that I can rely upon so that I’m not reliant upon going back to corporate America, especially since all the consulting gigs in Portland were basically they’re not hiring.

00;05;32;12 – 00;06;03;27
Jesse P. Gilmore
There’s a hiring freeze and a whole bunch other things. And so I had three months and what I ended up doing during those times is actually the creation of leverage for growth. And I started to go through like a fine tooth comb of everything that I learned from, you know, entrepreneurship and what I would do if I was to teach my self, you know, back in the day, what would I be able to leverage that lessons they learned from corporate America into this new business and Leverage for Growth was created during this time.

00;06;03;29 – 00;06;24;28
Jesse P. Gilmore
And it really helped me kind of transform my life. And it was this escaping time. I mean, there’s a bunch of different stories about how we we had to go back and creep into the corporate offices during the quarantine to grab like the remainder of our stuff. And we we basically started to burn these bridges to get to the other side.

00;06;25;15 – 00;06;49;28
Jesse P. Gilmore
And ultimately, the moment that we were in Wilsonville and even if we were in a quarantine mentally, we were starting to understand that we had potential, that there was a possibility of something new. And so the gift in this experience was really this first removal of the limiting environment, and it allowed me to be able to grow. So why is this important now?

00;06;49;28 – 00;07;15;09
Jesse P. Gilmore
Many times as entrepreneurs, we may not be able to see the limiting environment that we’re actually in. It could be self-imposed or based around, you know, external environment factors, and that’s kind of like if you’re you’ve probably heard the goldfish analogy where if you put a goldfish in a small tank, you’ll stay small and once that same goldfish is put into a larger tank can grow 3 to 4 times the size.

00;07;15;24 – 00;07;36;15
Jesse P. Gilmore
Now, if we are called to be an entrepreneur, our gift to the world is actually based around our expansion and both ourselves and our businesses, and to not solely focus on the transactional part of business, which is the products and services and the money that’s acquired. But in actuality, the transformation that our products and services can make on the world.

00;07;37;00 – 00;07;59;08
Jesse P. Gilmore
And in order to have our business expand, we must expand and that must mean that we must continue to hunt for the limiting environment that we are in and escape it at all costs. Now, it’s time for the daily leverage. So where in your world, whether in your life or your business, have you been stuck in a limiting environment?

00;07;59;23 – 00;08;21;26
Jesse P. Gilmore
Is it in your life with your health and body? Is it in your life with your spirituality or self-direction? In your life? With your relationships with your spouse, partner kids? And is it in your business with your finances or team? And once you’ve located where you’ve been stuck in that limiting environment and need to escape, my question is this What are you willing and able to do about it today?

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Jesse P Gilmore
Thanks for joining me on the Leverage for Growth podcast. I believe in you and your capabilities. I hope you spend the rest of your day feeling inspired. But keep in mind that inspiration is fuel to propel you into action. If you do not take action towards your own growth and the growth of your business, then that inspirational fuel that you’re feeling is wasted.

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