Leverage for Growth Podcast

Episode 11: Creating Space to Create

Episode Date:Feb 8, 2023

Jesse P. Gilmore finds himself in a world of competing distractions. When he takes on a new creative project, writing a new book, he finds ways to carve into his busy worklife through processes, delegation, and organization to get the time and mental space to write. 

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Episode Transcript

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Jesse P. Gilmore
You are now listening to Leverage for Growth. Everybody, this is Jesse Gilmore, founder of Niche and Control and creator of the Leverage for Growth. Welcome to the Daily Leverage edition. Today’s topic is this: Creating space to create. Sit back and relax and welcome to today’s Daily Leverage. So this morning I was doing my morning routine of stacking and reflected on the moves I have made within my business while applying a lever to growth method.

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Jesse P. Gilmore
I created an impossible game for the year in each domain. So health, purpose, relationships and business. And I started to have themes of each month and that would normally take me a quarter to accomplish or three months to accomplish. I’m now starting to accomplish in a month. And this is happening again as I take on this impossible game of writing a book.

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Jesse P. Gilmore
While releasing this podcast, I have learned that when there is a flow state and momentum is on your side, you just need to simply lean in and don’t overthink it. So this week we’ve been focusing on bringing in a couple of new team members and part time to help us with the consistency of our operations. And we have a lot of things going on all at the same time.

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Jesse P. Gilmore
We run events two times per month for agency owners to level up their business game and grow this year. We’re recording and releasing podcasts, podcast episodes daily. We have social media content released daily across several platforms, and we have a growing mastermind of agency owners and getting them to become new case studies and much more, all while deciding to work less than 40 hours per week.

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Jesse P. Gilmore
So the question of how to write this book and how to start that and complete it in February came up. I found that every time that I take on something new, I have to add it to our business operating system. And this is the reason why I hired Jeremy last year. He’s better at logistics and production schedules that manages the business accordingly.

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Jesse P. Gilmore
And we spent a good part of yesterday morning working on a production schedule. So we’re not overthinking of who does what and when does it need to get done and how does it get done. We’re building SOPs and processes needed in order for us to streamline our operations immediately after hiring these two new team members. And I spent Tuesday afternoon training one of them on some tasks that take up a lot of my time with these events, and this is all an investment into others so that I can have space of mind to focus on producing, producing podcast episodes, managing and leading the team, running events and now writing a book.

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Jesse P. Gilmore
Now the key to all of this is constant attention and intention on creating space in order to create. So why is this important? Many times as entrepreneurs, we don’t really think that we have enough time to do everything that we want to, or that would move our business forward. We come up with excuses and get stuck in the minutia of trying to keep up with regular business.

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Jesse P. Gilmore
What we need to do is to develop the systems and the people to run parts of the company so we can focus on growth. And this is a combination of both steps two and five of our Leverage for Growth program. And I’ve seen the impact of simply setting the team up to succeed by getting out of their way and managing performance based on actions and results.

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Jesse P. Gilmore
You simply need to create an environment for you to be the creator within your business. Now it is time for the daily leverage. So where in your world in your life or your business have you been holding yourself back from growth due to like overwhelming disorganization? Feeling like you’ve taken on too much, yet you haven’t taken the time to simply plan and execute without overthinking?

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Jesse P. Gilmore
Is it in your life with your health and body? Is it in your life with your spirituality or self-direction as in your relationships with your spouse, partner, or kids? Is it in your business with your finances and team? Now, once you’ve located where you’ve been stalling, the question is this What are you willing and able to do about it today?

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Jesse P. Gilmore
That is the end of our daily leverage. And this is Jesse Gilmore. You’ve been listening to the Leverage for Growth podcast. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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Jesse P Gilmore
Thanks for joining me on the Leverage for Growth podcast. I believe in you and your capabilities. I hope you spend the rest of your day feeling inspired. But keep in mind that inspiration is fuel to propel you into action. If you do not take action towards your own growth and the growth of your business, then that inspirational fuel that you’re feeling is wasted.

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