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Episode 37: The Key to All Business Growth

Episode Date:Mar 11, 2023

Today's Daily Leverage podcast episode is about the value stream and agency growth. As a marketing agency owner, understanding the value stream is crucial for business growth. In this episode, we'll cover how identifying value-add activities, eliminating non-value-add activities, and streamlining processes can increase your bottom line. Tune in now for expert tips on optimizing your agency's value stream.

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Show Notes

Episode Transcript

You are now listening to Leverage for Growth. Hey everybody this is Jesse P. Gilmore founder of Niche in Control and creator of the Leverage for Growth, welcome to the daily leverage edition. 

Today’s topic is this “The Key to All Business Growth”. Sit back, relax and welcome to today’s daily leverage.


So this morning, I was doing my morning routine of stacking and reflecting on what is working really well in my business while applying Leverage for Growth to my own business.


While Leverage for Growth is our proprietary method used to scale agencies rapidly, it can be used on other business models to achieve similar results. 


So these daily leverage episodes are to document my journey applying my own program to my business. 


The concept we teach our clients and those that come to our events get a deeper understanding of it is understanding the value stream.  


If you look it up online, it is difficult to see how it applies but this singular concept of value streams is the key to all Business Growth.


The value stream is the idea that there is a stream of value of the journey of a lead to a prospect to a client to completing the client agreement. 


Explain the value stream. 


I have been applying the concept of value streams to our own business to remove the bottlenecks that are holding us back from Growth


One of the keys to it all is to focus on operations and client fulfillment first so that once you turn on client attraction you are attracting the right people and you can have confidence in the sales calls to keep it moving 


This is what we did that we is working 


We started Leverage for Growth with 1:1 clients and a framework


As clients got results or didn’t we iterated the program and the way we delivered the service


We continually added more of what was working and removed what wasn’t working


With every new client, we gathered information before, during and after the client experience


To determine ways to continually improve


We did this 1:1 with 30 clients


The ones that had the greatest results were the ones we reverse engineered what had worked and used them as case studies to learn from and bring more of our ideal clients


Once we realized that the program was predictable and generates results for those that apply the concepts and have accountability, we knew we were ready for a lot more clients


We switched the business model from 1:1 (based on my time) to group coaching (based on the framework that works and is scalable)


Then we went back up the value stream to determine what was different in client attraction and client conversion


What needed to be changed now that the offer had changed


Once one of the core variables in the business changes, like the offer, you must reevaluate each piece of the value stream to determine what is the same and what is different


Then looking for bottlenecks to the value stream


Start as high up the value stream as possible


With our offer, we had to look at messaging and then other methods of tapping into our unique experiences


We had a very unique way of getting 1:1 clients, now we needed a unique way of getting mastermind clients


Once we realized what the bottleneck was upstream, we focused the last 2 months on determining the solution


In the last 2 weeks, we removed the bottleneck and our business will grow


The best part is that everything is scalable. 


The on and off switch of operations and client acquisition is no longer an issue


This is what we help our clients with, to be able to do this within the agency


Where the founder transitions from 


Client fulfillment primarily


To client attraction


To client conversion


All through understanding and capitalizing on their value stream


For us, it is time to dominate a niche by providing more value to the value stream 


Of 6-figure agency owners on their journey to 7-figures


Before I forget, we are having a live event this month that I dive deeper into these concepts and how you can scale your agency without burning out


Check out our next live event at nicheincontrol.com/nextliveevent


Back to the lesson 


Why is this important?


Many times as entrepreneurs, we only view our business as the service we provide and it is like we have blinders on and can only see what is directly in front of us


We think that if we just deliver a great service, we will grow


However, there is a lot more behind business growth that is not seen


You can’t just grow exponentially from referrals unless you have a marketing flywheel


You can’t deliver on new business unless you have a scalable business model and service offering


The solution to all of the business issues comes from understanding the value stream


When you understand the value stream, you understand how to grow exponentially by removing the bottlenecks that are holding you back from growth


In doing so, you are able to dream a bigger dream and see it come into reality


Now it is time for daily leverage.


Where in your world whether in your life or business, have you been only focusing on a piece of the puzzle without understanding the big picture and it is costing you time, energy and resources? 


Is it in your life with your health or body? 


Is it in your life with your spirituality or self-direction? 


Is it in your relationships with your spouse, partner or kids?


Is it in your business or finances or team?


Once you have located where you have been focusing on the pieces rather than the whole and you know what you need to change. 


My question to you is this…


What are you willing and able to do about it today?


That is the end of our daily leverage. This is Jesse P. Gilmore and you have been listening to the Leverage for Growth podcast. 


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Thanks for joining me on the Leverage for Growth podcast. I believe in you and your capabilities. I hope you spend the rest of your day feeling inspired. But keep in mind that inspiration is fuel to propel you into action. If you do not take action towards your own growth and the growth of your business, then that inspirational fuel that you’re feeling is wasted.

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