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Episode 38: Solve All Their Problems

Episode Date:Mar 12, 2023

In this episode, we discuss the importance of solving all of your ideal clients' problems when crafting your offer. Drawing from the insights in Alex Hormozi's book "$100M Offers," we highlight the process of identifying all of your clients' challenges and grouping them into common themes. We then demonstrate how to develop a comprehensive solution to each of these problems to create a scalable and high-value offer.

We also share an example of how we used this process to develop our own grand slam offer, Leverage for Growth. Our solution addresses the five key problems faced by marketing and PR agency owners, from their inability to control their time to their struggle to effectively manage and lead their teams.

If you're looking for a way to grow your marketing agency, don't miss this episode of Leverage for Growth. Tune in now to learn more about crafting an offer that solves all your clients' problems.

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Show Notes

Episode Transcript

You are now listening to Leverage for Growth. Hey everybody this is Jesse P. Gilmore founder of Niche in Control and creator of the Leverage for Growth, welcome to the daily leverage edition. 

Today’s topic is this “Solve All Their Problems”. Sit back, relax and welcome to today’s daily leverage.


So this morning, I was doing my morning routine of stacking and reflecting on the book $100M offers by Alex Hormozi. 


In the chapter of creating a grand slam offer, one of the most important things that stood out to me again is the offer must solve all of the ideal clients problems. 


Not just some of them. All of them. 


Alex talks about the process of understanding who you serve and then listing all of the problems that they face that holds them back from what they desire. 


When you brainstorm that list of problems, go deep. 


Don’t screen them. 


Let the ideas flow. 


You should have 30-60 problems listed out. 


Some overlap 


The key is to let it all out so you can find commonalities and start to group them


There are a few things that Alex left out of the book that we take our clients through that deepens this exercise


I will give you an example in a little more detail shortly


Back to the process


With each of the problems listed, start to group them based on commonality until you have 15-20


Then list the solutions for each of these problems as how to statements


Before getting into how to deliver, you must see what a solution would look like


Then get into how you could deliver on these solutions


If someone paid you 10X the amount to deliver, what would you do?


If someone paid you one tenth the price to deliver, what would you do?


From there, you will have a list of options on how to deliver the solution


Then trim the solution down to provide the highest value that is scalable.


It is a brilliant idea and process to use when crafting your offer.


We used this process and refined it a bit when we created our own grand slam offer for the Alliance mastermind for agency owners


While I won’t go into the details of each individual problem that we solve but 


here is an example from a higher level once we boiled it all down to 5 main problems being solved



Marketing and PR Agency owners (solopreneurs to teams of less than 10)


Current situation:

Hustling their way to make more money in the business, business relies on them and their skills in order to survive


Desired situation:

Becoming a CEO of their agency without trading time for money, having an agency that can sustain and grow without them



Unable to control their time

For every client, it means more hours for them to fulfill

Tried delegating work to others but the results weren’t up to par

Everything in the business is in their head

When they don’t work, work can’t get done

Their offer is either not profitable or not scalable

They are only using 1-2 channels to get leads and appointments

They don’t know how to effectively hire the top 1% of employees and contractors

They don’t know how to effectively train their people to become independent in their work quickly

They don’t know how to effectively manage and lead the team to new levels of success


Here is the solution that we call Leverage for Growth


Transformation #1: The Design – Regaining Control of Your Time

  • Problem: The business is working you 24/7 and negatively impacts other areas of your life (unsustainable). 
  • Why: Without control of your time, you will continue to live by default and will be unable to move into the role within your agency that you need to be in in order to scale.
  • Milestone: Carving Out 8-10 Hours Per Week to Work ON the Business


Transformation #2: The Alignment – Enabling Effective Delegation

  • Problem: Every new client means more hours for you. 
  • Why: Without simplification and the ability to effectively delegate work, you will continue to be brought back into client fulfillment work and get stuck working IN the business rather than ON it.
  • Milestone: Simplify your service by getting everything out of your head and into processes and systems 


Transformation #3: The Leverage – Increase Profitability and Scalability

  • Problem: Your offer isn’t scalable or paying you what you are worth.
  • Why: Without a profitable and scalable solution for your clients, you will reach a point that you are unable to increase the supply and remain profitable as your demand increases.
  • Milestone: Create a scalable minimum viable solution for your ideal clients that is priced according to value.


Transformation #4: The Attraction – Fill the Pipeline with Qualified Appointments

  • Problem: You have little control over booking appointments or you are only relying on 1-2 methods that may work now but not later.
  • Why: Without a predictable system or solution with optics that allows you to know down to the dollar or hour of work how to bring in a new client, you will be unable to scale.
    • Milestone: Create and optimize an integration between referral, outbound and inbound systems to fill your pipeline


Transformation #5: The Culture – Align and Empower Your People 

  • Problem: Things break without you working in the business or keeping people aligned to the vision. 
  • Why: Without a team taking over whole parts of the agency, you will be unable to rely on the collective to sustain and grow the agency without your direct involvement.
  • Milestone: Set up the people systems and organizational culture to sustain and grow the business without your direct involvement.


So that is the solution


From there, we developed the vehicle to deliver that gives our ideal clients what they need to succeed that is predictable and scalable for us to serve people


At a price point that meets any budget  


If you would like to learn more about our mastermind, you can check out our case study video at www.nicheincontrol.com/casestudy and schedule time to learn more and see if it is a right fit for you


The most important part of your offer is that it serves all of your ideal clients problems


Why is this important?


Many times as entrepreneurs, we think that the value of working with us is found in the service it provides


When in actuality, the value is found in the solving of our client’s problems  


When we can focus on getting creative at solving problems in ways that others in our space are not doing


We stand out


We start to create a blue ocean


In doing so, we are able to serve people in the right way




Not giving them only partial solutions like everyone else


Now it is time for daily leverage.


Where in your business, have you been providing partial solutions for your ideal clients? 


Once you have located where you have been providing a partial solution and you know what you need to change. 


My question to you is this…


What are you willing and able to do about it today?


That is the end of our daily leverage. This is Jesse P. Gilmore and you have been listening to the Leverage for Growth podcast. 


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