Leverage for Growth Podcast

Episode 42: Getting Into Action

Episode Date:Mar 16, 2023

In today's episode, our host shares insights from his 70-day streak of journaling and completing his daily core 4 routine, which includes meditation, fitness, and learning.

As an entrepreneur, it's essential to access power and increase capacity to handle stress from expansion. By putting daily deposits into each area of your life, you can get into power, gain perspective, and direct your energy towards your goals. Our host discusses how having an entrepreneurial operating system in place can help you achieve predictable output without burnout.

The Leverage for Growth team has set goals of finishing their book, generating over 100 client case studies, and running successful live events for agency owners. They understand that staying in power, perspective, and producing results are crucial to achieving these goals. Our host encourages entrepreneurs to prioritize their health, spirituality, and family to sustainably grow their businesses.

In today's Daily Leverage segment, our host challenges listeners to identify areas in their lives or businesses where they have been operating at an unsustainable pace. He asks, "What are you willing and able to do about it today?"

Tune in to the Leverage for Growth podcast, daily leverage edition, to learn how to develop your own operating system and get into power, perspective, and production.

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Show Notes

Episode Transcript

You are now listening to Leverage for Growth. Hey everybody this is Jesse P. Gilmore founder of Niche in Control and creator of the Leverage for Growth, welcome to the daily leverage edition. 

Today’s topic is this “Getting Into Action”. Sit back, relax and welcome to today’s daily leverage.


So this morning, I was doing my morning routine of stacking and reflecting on how this is my 70th day in a row that I have been journaling for 30-60 minutes every morning, 34th day of completing my daily core 4, my typical morning routine.


I have set up these routines and habits in my life to allow myself to be in power and increase my capacity to handle stress from expansion  


If you have been following me for a while, you know that my morning routine consists of

  • 30-60 minutes of journaling or stacking
  • 20-30 minutes of meditation or breathwork
  • 20 minutes to 2 hours of fitness 
  • Taking a green smoothie, supplements and a healthy breakfast
  • Texting my wife a message of love, appreciation and honor
  • Writing handwritten notes to my kids sharing love, appreciation and honor to them and reading it to them
  • Reading or listening to something in business that I am trying to improve and once I have an a ha moment, writing down what it is, why it is important, what lesson I am learning and how I can apply the lesson in the next 48 hours
  • Taking what I am learning in business and teaching it to someone else (recording this podcast)


This is my core 4 routine that I have done completely for 34 days in a row


The reason that I am so dedicated to this process is because I can access power and increase capacity when I put daily deposits into each area of my life


Getting into power is good and necessary as I am playing the long game of success in life and business


My goal is to serve millions of people in my lifetime with the gifts that I have been given


This means I must be dedicated to all areas of my life moving into abundance at the same time


The daily work is needed for power


The journaling and stacking work is meant for perspective


Getting my mind right


This is all good but if the power and perspective is not directed towards a target, it is wasted


This is what I am reminded of today


As I had my weekly review with my team and we began to plan for the week ahead, we are understanding where all this power is directed


Towards our goals


We have goals of expansion


To finish the Leverage for Growth book


To generate over 100 client case studies


To get the book in front of over a thousand agency owners by the end of the year


To have a top 10 podcast on Apple and Spotify


To successfully run live events for agency owners once or twice per month


To keep the team small and lean as we grow


This requires us to stay in power, perspective and produce the results that we seek


One of the greatest things that I learned is to create an entrepreneurial operating system that allows me to go at a consistent pace


When the operating system is in place, we can begin to have a predictable output without burnout, better conversations with team members, foreshadowing challenges and how to remove obstacles before they come


All focused on producing the results we seek


If you do not have an entrepreneurial operating system for how you handle the business and life, I would urge you to start today


The key is to not overthink it in the beginning


Just get into action


Start moving


You can’t steer a parked car


Get into motion and set up a cadence for reviewing progress each week


Learn what worked, what didn’t, what should continue, what needs to be removed


Begin building your own operating system 


When you fall off the routine, don’t judge yourself, just get up and try again


Continuing this process for your life as an entrepreneur and there is nothing you can’t achieve


Why is this important?


Many times as entrepreneurs, we sprint towards outcomes and get frustrated when other parts of our life come crashing down


We get so focused on business and operate out of necessity rather than power


We put our business first when we should actually put our health, spirituality and family first


When we put our priorities in the right order and focus on a sustainable pace to entrepreneurship


We begin to view our businesses as a resource to help us achieve our goals


We begin to have a better relationship with our business and everyone involved is better for it


We begin to see that we don’t need to overthink it in the beginning, we just need to get into action and start to review our results from the actions


Did they get us closer to our goals? Or did they take us away from our goals?


Learn from each experience and you begin to understand your personal code to success


Continue this long enough and you begin to step into your role as a leader


In your life


In your spirituality


In your relationships


In your business


Develop your own operating system to get into power, perspective and production


This is your time to rise


Now it is time for daily leverage.


Where in your world whether in your life or business, have you been operating at an unsustainable pace?


Is it in your life with your health or body? 


Is it in your life with your spirituality or self-direction? 


Is it in your relationships with your spouse, partner or kids?


Is it in your business or finances or team?


Once you have located where you have been operating at an unsustainable pace and you know what you need to change. 


My question to you is this…


What are you willing and able to do about it today?


That is the end of our daily leverage. This is Jesse P. Gilmore and you have been listening to the Leverage for Growth podcast. 


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