Leverage for Growth Podcast

Episode 47: Wake up

Episode Date:Mar 21, 2023

In this episode, our host shares a personal story about how he's been awakened by the power of transformation and wants to pay it forward to his listeners. He believes in working smarter rather than harder and has created a free private community for 6 & 7 figure marketing and PR agency owners who want to create financial freedom.

The Leverage for Growth Association and this podcast are your wake-up calls to help you pivot and achieve success by leveraging the power of collaboration and support.

Join us in the free community and apply now at www.nicheincontrol.com/community.

Listen to this episode for your daily dose of leverage and ask yourself, where have you been asleep in your life or business? What are you willing and able to do about it today? Tune in for more inspiring and practical tips on how to leverage your potential for growth.


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Show Notes

Episode Transcript

You are now listening to Leverage for Growth. Hey everybody this is Jesse P. Gilmore founder of Niche in Control and creator of the Leverage for Growth, welcome to the daily leverage edition.
Today’s topic is this “Wake up”. Sit back, relax and welcome to today’s daily leverage.

So this afternoon, I took a nap while the kids took theirs and I needed it.

These last couple days I had not slept very well

First the kids got a cold and were up at weird times which messed with my sleep throughout the week.

Also our dog is near the end of his life and for reasons that I won’t go into here, I had been awake since 2:30am one night and 3:30am the night after. Too little sleep wrecks my routines and good habits.

So this afternoon I needed a nap.

From time to time, in my life, I have gone through experiences that the Voice, God, the universe, whatever you want to call it, has literally come into my world to shake me awake from the way I have been living or the route I was going.

This is not what happened this afternoon.

However, I got a message that this is what I am called to do for others.

When I look back on what I have experience in my life, I realize that I am more motivated and inspired by helping others transform themselves.

This is why I got into coaching.

This is why I have developed into a trainer in any of the 28 jobs I had before Niche in Control.

This is why I pursued my dream job of being a Training and Development manager in corporate and they said it would take 7 years and I got there in 2 years.

I love transformation.

It is because I have experienced how powerful the right person or event, at the right time, focused on making me a better version of myself can be.

This podcast is inspired by my mentors podcast that is framed a similar way.

Complete transparency

Daily lessons

Complete authenticity

Daily leverage

Warrior on fire is not for everybody but it shook me awake from my sedation and life by default that I had in corporate America

Garrett J White came into my world with the exact message that I needed to hear at the time

Caused me to rethink the things that I had taken for granted and woke me up

It makes sense why he runs his company called Wake up Warrior

If you are a man listening to this podcast, I would recommend reading the Warrior book. It changed my life.

For what Garrett was for me and how Wake up Warrior came into my world and woke me up

I want to offer for you

I want to earn the trust of you to go deep

To find out who you are at the core

To uncover the part of you that is limitless and has been asleep

To discover your true potential

I had a dream this week that I am meant to serve over a million people in less than 5 years from now

I am on a mission to get out of my own way to do so

This podcast is one of me achieving that mission

Writing a book is another

We are in the process of releasing a free private community for agency owners to gain access to collaboration, networking, free courses on mindset, time management, and more. This is where we will find guests for our agency leverage podcast and keep people informed with the release of our upcoming book and our monthly events.

In an effort to continue to serve more people and be a source of good to others in a world of takers

I learned so much in my experiences and have so much to give

If this community is of interest to you and this message resonates, we will have the community live by the time this recording goes out so

Head to www.nicheincontrol.com/community and apply to be in it

The community is for 6 & 7 figure marketing and PR agency owners looking to create financial freedom by working smarter rather than harder.

If that is you, we would love to have you join us.

Head to www.nicheincontrol.com/community and apply to be in it

Why is this important?

Many times as entrepreneurs, we think that we must work harder at something in order to achieve success

But what if it wasn’t about working harder but working smarter, with others.

What if the information we were following was taking us in a wrong direction and we needed to simply wake up and make a pivot

And the pivot required the ideas and support of a collective so that we realized that we aren’t alone

That is what we call Leverage for Growth Association.

Association is your wake up call

This podcast is your wake up call

Maybe you have been asleep in life

Just like I was 6 years ago

And this is your time to wake up


Now it is time for daily leverage.

Where in your world whether in your life or business, have you been asleep?

Is it in your life with your health or body?

Is it in your life with your spirituality or self-direction?

Is it in your relationships with your spouse, partner or kids?

Is it in your business or finances or team?

Once you have located where you have been asleep and you know what you need to change.

My question to you is this…

What are you willing and able to do about it today?

That is the end of our daily leverage. This is Jesse P. Gilmore and you have been listening to the Leverage for Growth podcast.

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