Leverage for Growth Podcast

Episode 69: Purposeful Entrepreneurship

Episode Date:Apr 12, 2023

Hey, it's time for another daily dose of Leverage for Growth! Today's topic is "Purposeful Entrepreneurship." So, we all start our entrepreneurial journey with a vision for the future, right? But then, obstacles pop up and throw us off track, leading us to forget our purpose. Well, it's time to set up some breadcrumbs and get back to the vision, our calling, our purpose.

For me, that meant creating Leverage for Growth, a system to organize the lessons I've learned throughout my entrepreneurial journey. But even I fell off track and started reinventing the wheel. It wasn't until I was reminded to simply execute the program I was already helping my clients with that I got back on track. And now, through my morning practice, YouTube shorts, and this daily leverage podcast, I am constantly reminded of my purpose: serving six-figure business owners who are stuck and overwhelmed, and want to make a bigger impact while living a life by design.

Entrepreneurship isn't just about making money. It's about having a greater reason for being in business, and that's why we need to remind ourselves of our WHY. So let's get back to center, remember our purpose, and make the biggest impact we can make.


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