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Episode 87: How Unresolved Personal Issues Can Destroy Your Agency

Episode Date:May 15, 2023

Unresolved personal issues can ruin your agency. Listen to Jesse P. Gilmore as he shares practical steps to address personal issues affecting your business.

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Show Notes

Episode Transcript

Jesse P. Gilmore:
You are now listening to Leverage for Growth. Hey everybody, this is Jesse P. Gilmore, founder of Niche and Control and creator of Leverage for Growth. Welcome to the daily leverage edition. Today’s topic is this, how unresolved personal issues can destroy your agency. Sit back, relax, and welcome to today’s daily leverage. So this is a topic that a lot of people don’t talk about, which is ultimately when you have unresolved personal issues and when you’re… trying to not have that impact your business, it starts to come out in different ways. And there is a potential impact on your ability to lead, your ability to see the vision, your ability to stick to long-term goals if you have these unresolved personal issues. So what do I mean by personal issues? This can include things like mental health challenges, like depression, anxiety, right? Relationship problems, financial stress. or substance abuse. And all these different kind of personal issues, I was always told how a person does one thing is how they do everything. And so when you have an issue in one part of your life, but you’re maybe not resolving that or doing anything about it, it starts to come out in different areas. And this can include things like impacting your decision-making. And it can lead towards poor decision-making or mistakes in running the agency, choosing… different paths, you know, because we have to make a lot of different decisions as a business owner every single day. And when you’re holding onto or not focused on resolving these issues, it can impact your team dynamics because ultimately, everybody is connected. And in order for you to lead effectively, you have to be in a place of certainty and confidence and understanding the vision. And when you have these unresolved personal issues, it can create tension within the team It can lead towards decreased morale, reduced productivity, higher turnover, and it starts to lose that focus. And in the previous episodes, we started talking about how to eliminate distractions and to focus on long-term success. When you have these unresolved personal issues, it starts to remove the energy and remove the focus from you, and it prevents you from fully focusing on your business. So it’s important to have self-awareness. being able to focus on the signs of personal issues and start to understand your own kind of patterns. So when a certain thing happens, what was that trigger? Why am I getting frustrated about this? What is actually happening? What’s the root cause of whatever the issue is? And you need to focus on setting boundaries. When you set boundaries in both your personal and professional life, you can maintain a regular work schedule, you can prioritize self-care and mental health. and really just keeping personal issues out of the workplace. During this whole entire time, it’s important to have a very specific support system for different things that you’re dealing with. And having a strong support system, both personally and professionally, allows you to navigate challenges and maintain a healthy work-life balance to where you are able to continue on that journey and being able to make sure that you are supported and getting the things that you need. for all areas of your life. So I inspire you to take necessary steps to address any unresolved personal issues that might be impacting your agency. And it’s important to focus on self-care and investing in yourself, because ultimately by doing so, you’re setting yourself up for long-term success. So why is this important? A lot of times people don’t focus on these things. such as unresolved personal issues, burnout, depression, anxiety. And ultimately, when you start to solve these issues, you’ll start to realize that you’re opening up your capacity to handle better and more kind of important long-term goals and also being able to manage the stress that you’re under. By doing so, you lead more effectively, you have better focus, but it all comes from an investment into you and being able to resolve any personal issues you might have. So now it’s time for the daily leverage. So where in your world, whether in your life or business, do you have unresolved personal issues that are starting to impact your business? Is it in your life with your health and body? Is it in your life with your spirituality or self-direction? Is it in your relationships with your spouse, partner, or kids? Is it in your business, finances, or team? And once you’ve located where you have these unresolved personal issues and you know what you need to change, my question to you is this. What are you willing and able to do about it today? That is the end of the Daily Leverage. This is Jesse P. Gilmore. You’ve been listening to Leverage for Growth podcast. If you’re enjoying these Daily Leverage and agency leverage episodes, make sure to subscribe on Apple or Spotify now.