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S2 / AL EP 62: Alex Glenn – Finding Your Niche In Partnerships with SaaS Companies

Episode Date:Jun 7, 2024

Want to take your referral game to the next level? Alex Glenn, the CEO of Partnerhub, is going to show you how you can greatly expand the number of times you are referred work by trusted software experts. As you hone in on specific software and partner with SaaS companies, you will be seen as a specialist in the tech space. By niching down in this way and forming partnerships, SaaS companies refer your service to their extensive user base, as you provide their customers with your marketing knowhow. Don’t miss this insightful conversation filled with practical advice for scaling your agency!

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Connect with Alex Glenn & Partnerhub:
Web: https://www.partnerhub.app/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-glenn/

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Hey, everybody, this is Jesse Gilmore, agency transformation coach and founder of Niche In Control, author of the Agency Owners Guide to Freedom and the creator of leverage for growth. I’m the host of the For Growth podcast, and I know that in order for you to scale your agency successfully, there are multiple shifts that need to happen within your mindset, skill set, and leadership style.

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I am on a mission to interview marketing and PR agency owners on their journey to six, seven and eight figures and leverage the lessons from their journey to save you time, energy, and money to get your agency to the next level. If you find value in these episodes, watch the case study video to learn more about leverage for growth and how we successfully scale agencies at niche and control economy assets.

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That is niche in control. Dot com slash case study.

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You are now listening to leverage for growth. Hey everybody. This is Jesse Gilmore, founder of Niche and Control, creator of leverage for growth. Welcome to the agency. Leverage Edition. Today I am here with Alex Glenn, the founder of Partner Hub and Partner Programs, a SaaS platform that is built for matchmaking and activating partnerships between SAS and digital agencies, is trusted by over 400 SAS companies and over 2000 digital agencies.

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Today, there has been quite a journey from starting your own marketing agency in 2006, and the evolution of your vision over the last 18 years that has led towards Partner Hub. So super excited to talk with you and thanks for coming to our show today. Great to be on Jesse. Thanks for the invite. Absolutely. So if we can go back about 18 years, can you talk a little bit about the history and background of your agency?

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Yeah. So right now I run a SAS product called Partner Hub. But, I did, run an agency called Right to Revenue for a while, and we were focused on generating high ticket surgery leads for hospitals. So, like, hip replacement. you know, very expensive surgeries. It was tough for doctors to get those types of individuals to a seminar, you know, and we would create more of a digital, experience for their more of a virtual experience for their potential, surgery, patients.

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And, did that for about five years, then got into SAS, started as VP of marketing growth. You know, typical segue from, digital marketing, agency into SAS marketing. and then worked with a number of startups and, series A stage companies as head of growth, head of marketing, and then got into consulting, realized that there was a big gap, a big kind of, hole in, the, strategy of a lot of these early stage SAS companies that were not focused on going to market with partners and thought there was an opportunity there that I could help them understand why they should piggyback, their go to market

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with partners instead of the traditional, you know, marketing led growth, sales led growth strategies that got me into partner programs and now partner hub. Cool, man. Yeah. So that agency, you said did some lead generation high ticket and lead generation that got you kind of exposed to the marketing aspect in the agency aspect. And then from there you tried a lot of different types of models, both from, kind of high level executive kind of positions, leading towards, partners.

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And then, the being able to find it kind of like a gap within the market is where, kind of the SAS idea was born. Yeah, yeah, the software was actually born out of our community. We had a have still have a community for agencies to meet one another and learn about, partnerships as well as learn new services that they can sell on top of different platforms.

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And, one of our agencies posted a comment on the wall saying, you know, these partnerships are great, but where do I manage all these things? And, that started the idea for Partner Hub. So the Umbrella Corporations, Partner Programs Inc., and then we have this product that’s in version almost version three now called Partner Hub, which is where agencies can find align and grow with partners, either other agencies or SAS.

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awesome. And being connected with and that many agencies and being in the agency space for a long time. I’m sure that you’ve seen a lot of, evolution, within the space and both from, tech side from, kind of like an injection of a bunch of agencies, these days. if you can walk through just a little bit about, maybe how you seen the agency space evolving, since you’ve, you’ve joined it.

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Yeah. agencies, especially since Covid, I would even say have, evolved quite a bit. so, in our world, agencies are kind of deciding on, which ecosystems to double down on. So it’s less about are you SEO are your web development? Are you this are you that as far as the services you offer, it’s really all about what ecosystems are you an expert in?

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And when I say ecosystems, I really mean, yeah, you could be an ecosystem. And, sorry, you could be an agency expert in the HIPAA compliance, world or health care, right? Yes. But even more niche down than that is. Well, there’s probably a platform that most Hipa compliant, health care organizations are using and paying for and need services around.

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Right. So we see this a lot, of course, in your HubSpot, your Shopify. but those are becoming quite large. And then underneath that umbrella, there are, ecosystems within that ecosystem that are developing and creating what we call power partners, which are agencies that are building their entire business on top of a product. we’re a couple great examples we can talk about.

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you may know Xen, pilot and Clickup. gray, shout out to those guys over there. They doubled down on the Clickup ecosystem and rode that product wave. And that growth way that Clickup had. And, because the platform is so complex, they are able to build A67 figure business out of just offering services on top Clickup.

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Right. And there’s those examples throughout a lot of different platforms like Zapier and Airtable and Klaviyo. And, you know, these some ecosystems within larger ecosystems. Right. so that’s kind of what we’re seeing is these agencies that are not necessarily niching down on service keywords like SEO, PPC, web development, stuff like that, but more about not we’re the implementation experts of an ecosystem.

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And then keywords like rev ups are springing up inside of these HubSpot ecosystems and, and retention, inside of the Shopify ecosystem. Right. That’s an interesting, talk about niches kind of going into and deeper and deeper versions of, specialization. And in previous podcast, interviews that I’ve had and we’ve talked a lot about niches and different ways of looking at it from a category, you know, viewpoint from, kind of an industry viewpoint from a pain point endpoint.

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and, and now we’re talking about ecosystems and platforms, which is, I just go I should tell you, I think it’d be kind of cool. They have like a mastermind with all the people talking about different versions of, of niches, but. Yeah. Have you have you found, that. Well, let’s just say somebody that’s listening to this right now, might be, to that point where they’re kind of either a generalist or they have niche down based around SEO or, you know, a certain type of service.

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And they’re trying to figure out some way of differentiating themselves. you know what? What would be some of the ways that you would suggest that they niche down or focus on, with your expertise based around platforms and that kind of differentiation? Yeah. So again, you know, I think, there’s so much money to be made within, niches.

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Yes. in great in agreement there. but when it comes to, business development, it’s very hard to just say that the agency to go to for, manufacturing organizations. Right. It’s it’s much easier to say, oh, you’re having a problem with this, build. Right. And you’re going to need to talk to this person about that.

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That’s they’re the expert in that. Right. So with niches, I mean, I think the, the way I think about it is you niche down because it becomes, yes, more focused on the marketing side of things. It’s easier to, you know, rank for keywords. If you’re niche down, it’s easier to write content and create a personal brand around a niche.

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But more importantly, especially in today’s climate, it’s more it’s easier for people to refer you business when you are niche down right. And referrals are becoming more and more and more important every single day. you know, as, as things get, very heated on the competition side of things. so, so, yes, niching down for just easier word of mouth and easier referral business, you know, being an easier refer, for anyone that’s, that has that keyword popping in mind.

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We try and partner teams on this too. It’s like, okay, well, you have to teach people when to think about you, right? So Jesse’s on a call, and there’s a lot going on. On the call on his head’s going in all these different directions. As soon as Jesse hears this one word, he needs to think about Alex. Right?

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Partnerships. Yeah, but partnerships, you know, it’s still can be a lot of splinters, a lot of different things to think about when Jesse hears partnerships. but underneath that, you know. Okay, well, click up partners going back to that example, you know, where do I find more of those? Okay, Alex needs needs to start coming to mind.

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Right. that’s super important. but then, you know, snowballing that idea of, like, okay, well, becoming more relevant, becoming more top of mind when people think about a keyword and a pain point and those together keyword plus pain point. Right. they need to think about you. Yes. But also within those ecosystems, if we’re thinking about back to my recommendation of pick a platform to become an expert in, there’s employees of that platform.

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There are other partners within that platform’s ecosystem, integration partners, other agencies. And if you’re doubling down on that platform, then you have a market expansion strategy that is really all about being top of mind within that ecosystem. Like, okay, well, what what are those customer success reps think about when they’re on a call with a customer who’s having trouble with that one aspect of their platform?

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All right. And they’re not going to be able to just continue booking calls with a troubled, troubled customer that’s, you know, not able to tear up because, tear up is in like, you know, upgrade from freemium to a business plan or whatever. because they can’t figure out one aspect of the platform and they need to bring in, somebody.

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and most of these SaaS platforms don’t have a service team. they need agencies. They need service providers. So you’re not just becoming more niche down for the sake of just people that know you and past clients to refer you business. But you can imagine, like, you know, Jesse may hear a customer of his have a need that you provide maybe once a month maybe.

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Right. And there may be a few other jesses out there that refer new business that’s, you know, maybe three leads a month. That’s not going to be enough to sustain your agency. But these customer success reps at the platforms, you know, you think about click up, probably has 100 customer success reps, however many they have right? Those customer success reps are on calls eight hours a day, and they’re helping not only on calls but chat.

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Right? And then not only that, they’re also virtually just pointing to the service providers within their ecosystem and saying, hey, go, go help. You know, go here to find Zen Pilot who can help you with this, right? Yep. we got to get great a sponsor, your podcast, I think after this. Okay. He’s, he’s not sponsoring this model yet, but I think it’s a good.

00;14;40;07 – 00;15;16;24

Yeah, it’s a seriously, it’s a good example. And I know Zen pilot is. And, and I’m as you’re describing this, I’m actually thinking about one of our, one of my clients that does digital marketing for health care. And, they started doing email marketing, and then they started doing it very specifically for Marketo. And once they did that, what ended up happening was, is that they kind of got like, so embedded into, their, their clients world, that all of a sudden that service just kept on expanding and they’re like, oh, I guess we’re becoming more Marketo experts.

00;15;16;27 – 00;15;51;27

That’s an an example of it where you kind of just are narrowing it based around a certain platform that maybe a client is using or some like that, and then you’re starting to figure out this is actually something that is differentiated. And so as you’re describing, that, that, I kind of like that use case. I was actually thinking about some of my clients and, and now I’m starting to understand a little bit more about what you’re talking about with the fact that, SAS companies that are on the, on the phone with, people that need help, in a very specific thing, agencies can come in and be able to

00;15;51;27 – 00;16;16;03

help with the implementation and just take it completely off their, you know, off their shoulders and just do it for them. I couldn’t agree more. Yeah. And that’s, and that’s, that’s the matchmaking part of, Partner Hub. Right. And you’re kind of like the, the connector between these SAS companies and the agencies.

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That’s it. Yeah. So, so, you know, snowballing that strategy of, okay, you’re niching down what that also does, you’re niching down into an ecosystem. What that also does is enable, partners, to, to bring business your way and, not just referral, relationships with customer success managers and just people, but, now you can put yourself in a position in your agency, in a position to, be a, to become a partnerships lead sort of organization, which means, okay, well, now we’re niching down on top of a platform.

00;17;01;12 – 00;17;27;25

Well, that platform has customer success. Let’s get those people aware that we’re the experts and get them to trust us. Yes, salespeople may be too. Okay, now let’s look into their ecosystem and say, okay, well, if they’re having trouble with this and there’s all these features that they’re the customers of that ecosystem platform need. well, chances are they’re probably integrated with these guys over here.

00;17;27;27 – 00;18;03;01

That’s a whole other, service that we can provide. It’s still on top of that platform. We’re still niched down as the experts in blank. SAS platform. but we support integration A, B, C, and D because we support those integrations. Now, what we can do is go to the success reps and the sales reps, of those other integration partners, those other SAS tools and the founders, maybe even if they’re smaller and say, listen, wow, we’re helping our customers with your integration.

00;18;03;04 – 00;18;31;28

And if I well, I am a SAS platform, but, you know, if I was an integration partner of that, that main hub, you know, yeah, I call it HubSpot, Klaviyo, Shopify, whatever click up we mentioned, well, my strategy is also going to be we’ll find customers that are having trouble with pain point that your agency, you’re telling me over email or call or chat that you’re an expert in.

00;18;31;28 – 00;19;00;23

Okay, well then it’s in my best interest to form a more long term partnership with you, because I also want you to remember me when your client is having a pain point that my tool solves because you’re experienced with implementing it, and I want to enable you to do more of those. So then we start to enter this reciprocal relationship of okay, I’m going to bring business your way.

00;19;00;29 – 00;19;41;07

In return, you’re going to be my solutions partner and help people that need my, what my tool provides in implementation. So now you’re building those partnerships and then below that is okay. Well now there’s other agencies that may still be not as niches may that are still doing, you know, the generic marketing and their customers are in those ecosystems and they don’t know how to do the types of in-depth implementation and success that I need to do, and it grows from there.

00;19;41;07 – 00;20;14;13

So, you know, the advice to each agency that even maybe, quote unquote niche to a keyword is still look deeper underneath each one of those keywords. There are platforms that probably most of your clients are working on. Top of that, you can become an expert in yes, you know, do SEO or yes, do PPC or web development, but really become the best web development expert on top of web flow?

00;20;14;16 – 00;20;41;15

and then get your team really well versed and well trained and start doing those implementations of web flow and build that website and make it gorgeous. Yes. But, you know, connect the dots within web flow so that the Customer Success team knows, like, yeah, you’re not just a web development agency that’s going to create a beautiful website, but you’re really a web flow expert.

00;20;41;17 – 00;21;10;19

And, and they will start to invite you into their content engine as well and bring you maybe even on stage at their next Web Flow conference, because you’ve done so many great things, and that becomes less about web design and development. You could even argue it’s the savvier SEOs and marketing teams and whoever aren’t just searching for a service keyword.

00;21;10;19 – 00;21;45;22

It’s really about, product expert. Right? So I’m not searching for, great web designers. I’m searching for a web flow expert because I’ve done my research, and I know web flow is the best product for my company, with the integrations it has and the price point, etc.. So I’m not going to search for just a generic web design firm that could potentially try to sell me a bag of goods or whatever, and sell me a custom website, and I have no idea what they’re building on.

00;21;45;24 – 00;22;00;11

I’m going to, you know, be a little more proactive than that and say, no, I want a web flow site because it’s the best for my tech stack, it’s the best for my budget, and it’s great. And I have a couple friends that use it and they love it. Now I just need a web flow expert, right? Not even that.

00;22;00;11 – 00;22;24;01

I’m not even going to search it. I’m going to go into their directory of partners and I’m going to find an agency is listed in that directory. So the other aspect of this is yeah be proactive niche down. Find a platform to become an expert in. But get into their partner directory because that’s where these customers are going to find you.

00;22;24;04 – 00;22;49;20

and then it’s less about word of mouth. It’s really just your showing up in these small places where they are finding the experts. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Alex, I find, now I feel like I have to sell the referral strategy because it actually is really smart. partly due to the fact that, SAS works in volume, so, you can have tons and tons of users.

00;22;49;20 – 00;23;20;24

And I was asked platform you talked about, you know, click up, having 100, 100,000 users, for an example or more or whatever. And if you think about, that many users, you know, a majority of them are going to have some type of problem implementing. Not everybody is the best at technical stuff. Right. And if you do work, as an agency, very specifically on a certain platform, and you do make this connection very similar to what Alex is describing, you could actually be having somebody else be doing the marketing for you.

00;23;20;24 – 00;23;44;25

It’s kind of like, an Alex or Moses $100 million leads, talks about affiliates and, having other people do the marketing for you. And this is kind of a, a different but, similar and aligned way of being able to do that. because as an agency, you can only take on so many clients. you obviously have to grow and hire people and build systems, all the stuff that we help agencies with.

00;23;44;27 – 00;24;12;10

But, but, if you can work the volume and work out, a mutual partnership, I can actually see how the two types of companies can really work well together. Exactly, exactly. It’s, it’s why partnerships is so, you know, attractive for everybody right now. It’s just it is, the most efficient way to generate business by far.

00;24;12;10 – 00;24;38;10

Honestly, outside of just, I don’t know, being lucky. having a great product if you’re a SaaS team, but, you know, with agencies specifically, it’s like the the best agencies we know. I’m sorry, best, you know, creative. I think, you know, it’s great if you’re just really creative and really good at what you do. But we’re all in business to stay in business.

00;24;38;10 – 00;25;07;19

I think, you know, and we need to increase our margins and, reduce operational expense is. And we need to be more efficient at growth and more efficient in marketing. And in order to do that, we need to rely on referrals from our current customers. Yes. But, you know, again, that’s one person or maybe a few people that maybe think of us once or twice a month.

00;25;07;22 – 00;25;52;06

we need to look for a different referral, revenue and referral angles in different places. And that means, partnerships with not only the SAS company that you are an expert in the SAS products are that you’re an expert in. but the ecosystems that that product supports, you know, and I, you know, I, I made this mistake when I was an agency and this is, I think, really important to understand is like, you know, I was looking at products that I recommended my clients that were new and exciting and, maybe even cheaper in a sense.

00;25;52;09 – 00;26;19;28

A good example was I was consulting with this, this larger SAS company and, they were kind of converting off an old tech stack. And I was in there looking at their tech stack and recommending a product called user.com for it was like an all in one solution that handled, CRM and chat and marketing automation, kind of similar, active campaign.

00;26;20;00 – 00;26;54;23

And they did a few more things at the time. And, it was a new product, you know, great product. And, and a lot of ways, but there was no ecosystem behind the product. There was no real benefit for me, to implement that product and be a part of that product. as far as a referral and, and then the the founder got pulled into a conversation with HubSpot at the time, I don’t know if I think he was actually researching on his own.

00;26;54;25 – 00;27;17;20

And, you know, I’m in there like, yeah, you, you know, user.com account have your whole marketing team in there, maybe even a few sales reps in there. it’d be more on the marketing side, less on the sales side. And then we’d look at probably more built out CRM, would cost them, you know, relatively nothing. Right.

00;27;17;22 – 00;28;08;00

the HubSpot implementation, the HubSpot account would have cost them significantly more. And the feature sets, you know, it wasn’t, anything special at the time. This was like ten years ago. but what ended up happening is, the HubSpot technician and sales person brought in an agency that was an implementation expert, a solutions provider of HubSpot, and that agency was able to basically create a sales conversation around not just the implementation of HubSpot, but what happens next and where do you take it and what, where does it, how do you connect the dots between sales and marketing and, and have a different type of conversation with that founder that inevitably convinced

00;28;08;00 – 00;28;33;03

them to go with HubSpot, where I was just really trying to solve best price and best function feature functionality for that price, and just being a good sort of consultant in the sense of like, you know, you need these features and you’re trying to save money and you need something that’s just a good product. This is the best option, right?

00;28;33;03 – 00;29;00;26

Really black and white. Whereas HubSpot was creating and obviously the proof is, you know, very clear what happened with HubSpot versus the other product that you probably haven’t even heard of right now. and, and they did that incredibly well where they just said, you know what? We’re going to sell, not the idea of, you know, you need email and you need a chat tool and you need a C, a lightweight CRM.

00;29;00;26 – 00;29;26;29

No, we’re going to sell. Your business is growing, and your marketing and sales team need to align. And you have this strategy going on. we are the platform that, supports that strategy. And by the way, here’s that solutions architect that’s going to make sure that, you have all your needs, as you grow and expand and you build out these different feature sets, this person and this company, this agency is going to help you with all that.

00;29;27;01 – 00;29;46;22

So, you know, as an agency, I was like, I was a console. I was just an individual console. But if I was an agency at that time, and if I thought about it from the, you know, Hulu, I kind of hit my wagon to I would definitely this was ten years ago again, say, okay, well, yeah, that product is cheaper.

00;29;46;25 – 00;30;12;26

And, you know, technically has more, features at the time. but this other product over here is really trying to create a sales process that includes the solutions provider. And I would double down which a lot of agencies obviously did, with HubSpot, you know, so look for that. And, you know, you kind of want to come in early, right, like click up.

00;30;12;26 – 00;30;43;26

Even though back to that example, even though there are multiple, you know, however many hundreds of millions of dollars, revenue company, they honestly just started working with solution providers fairly recently and launched their solution provider program. So, you know, you kind of want to be a little ahead of that. You want to be working with a platform that clearly has a lot of technical, technical challenges in an implementation, right, like click up.

00;30;43;29 – 00;31;07;23

Yes, you can get in there and it’s got some product lead, easy feature adoption stuff going on. But if you’re looking at a click up dashboard and you’re seeing all the stuff that it can do and the emails and onboarding and you’re it’s incredibly what it can do. And if you’re a founder that has to do a whole bunch of other stuff, there’s no way you can get the most out of that platform.

00;31;07;23 – 00;31;42;21

So if you’re an agency, think about the platforms that, can provide a lot of utility. If the, user is helped, be that helpful resource and then network your way into the company. And if they don’t have a solutions partner program, don’t, you know, back away and say, okay, I’m going to go find one that has it really, you know, think about, okay, well, what if I launch their program almost be their first example of, an agency?

00;31;42;21 – 00;32;06;08

That’s kind of what back to the Zen pilot example is kind of almost what Zen Pilot did with Clickup. They were very early on helping their customers. They did a lot of great work, and they almost, launched that solutions provider program with Clickup. And that’s happened with Zapier. It happened with Airtable. Back to that example, HubSpot, I don’t know, I wasn’t, early enough in that, but I’m seeing this happen a lot.

00;32;06;08 – 00;32;46;15

So I’m advising agencies to kind of look at these platforms that seem like they’re going to be around for a while that are advanced. and I’m seeing it with OpenAI now, you know, like ten agencies sprang up that are AI, LM strategy, integration architects just advising companies on okay, which, you know, which LM or which which product, which I do you should you build your, you know, SAS on top of or your, you know, whatever resource on top of and we’ll help you get that figured out.

00;32;46;15 – 00;33;11;14

And then we’re going to help you kind of build it out. But they may have a preference and they may kind of, you know, favor OpenAI versus whatever else. And work with the open AI team, maybe, and start to build that relationship. And then it becomes a conversation that you’ll want to have where you say publicly, we are blank solutions provider, and you could have multiple in that blank.

00;33;11;14 – 00;33;35;03

But, back to the exact, back to the recommendation. It’s, you know, if you try to be the best at everything, you know, you’re going to be okay at everything. Here’s what ends up right. Yeah. I, I’ve learned a lot from this conversation so far. So I think that’s that’s pretty rare. So that’s awesome. so let’s, let’s look a little bit to the future.

00;33;35;06 – 00;33;59;03

you talked about version 3.0 of and Partner hub and, and obviously you have kind of like a vision for what’s to come. What what are kind of like the main focus is or our goals for you or, that you’ll be working on for the next maybe 1 to 3 years or so. Great question. Yeah. So, we have Partner Hub, which is kind of like your, you know, community.

00;33;59;03 – 00;34;25;22

It’s it’s been called like a dating app for partnerships where everybody kind of goes and they start and you know, you’ll build your partnerships, etc., etc.. but we’re launching, this week actually the framework, which is where if you’re, an entrepreneur like me or if you have an ecosystem of your own high affinity, lots of partners wanting to, transact, interact, meet each other.

00;34;25;24 – 00;34;52;09

You want to enable that to your advantage? you would launch a framework, NXP framework, which is a partner experience platform, of your own. Oh, it’s a fully branded white label. Private label. experience for your partner ecosystem. So that’s, going to be a big thing for us over the next, you know, several months or years whatever.

00;34;52;11 – 00;35;25;28

and, and then, we are entering a, a space where we’re helping teams, actually sell together, which is new. that’s a feature called circles, where you can meet Jesse and you can meet other partners and you can refer business and you can, you know, manage the collaboration, the joint operation. but we’re about to enter a world where you can actually say, which customers are we both working right now and who’s involved in that deal and what’s going on with that deal?

00;35;26;00 – 00;35;54;10

where did that come from? And actually collaborate in a shared pipeline environment? Cool. That’ll be awesome. Yeah. Very cool man. and for anybody that’s that’s listening. What’s what’s the best way for people to get in touch with you or, do you have any offers for either agencies or SAS companies that are listening? yeah. So agencies, you know, we’ve got a great product for you.

00;35;54;12 – 00;36;16;25

You can join partner hubcap is the, the website app dot Partner hub. Dot app is the actual product where you can register register as an agency. and then once inside your recommended partners that sell to the same customer base, you can connect, you can chat with them, you can share business and grow together inside of Partner Hub.

00;36;16;28 – 00;36;41;13

And then we have a community that supports all this. And if you’re new to partnerships and you’re not really sure how to do it, don’t worry. We’ve got all the training and guidance and we even have courses and all the stuff that you would need to make sure partnerships works for you. Awesome. And for anybody that’s listening I will include links to partner Hub and Alex in the show notes.

00;36;41;13 – 00;37;06;22

And Alex I just want to say thank you so much for coming to their show and sharing your valuable insights with our audience. Yeah, thanks for having me, Jesse. Agency owners, if you want to transform your agency to sustain and grow without your direct involvement, where you can stop working in the business and start working on the business where you can free up your time, delegate work more effectively, price and position your services to finally get paid for what you’re worth, and have the team run the day to day.

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Go to niche and control e-commerce case study now to learn more about leverage for growth, and also to book a free strategy session with us. We’ll look at your systems, determine exactly what you need to do in order for you to scale this year, and to create a strategic plan so that you can live the life of entrepreneurship you’ve always dreamed about.

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Go to niche and.com/case study. Now.

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