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AL EP 50: Marieke Van Der Graaf – Focusing On Your Niche

Episode Date:Jun 27, 2023

Marieke Van Der Graaf, the Founder of Branding Personality, a digital marketing agency, shares her background in marketing and how she started her agency in 2007, focusing on social media and personal branding. She discusses her experience working with recruitment agencies and using platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter for business growth. Marieke also talks about the evolution of her agency and how she transitioned into consulting with companies, helping them optimize their marketing budgets. She emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships and adapting to the changes in the marketing industry over the years. Marieke offers advice to aspiring agency owners, encouraging them to focus on a specific niche and solution rather than trying to do everything. She expresses her desire to work with global brands and explore growth opportunities outside the United States. Marieke highlights the potential for business growth in countries like Cambodia and Africa.

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Show Notes

Connect with Marieke Van Der Graaf & Branding Personality here –
Web: https://www.brandingpersonality.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hensel
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marieke/

Episode Transcript

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