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Episode 103: The 4 Freedoms

Episode Date:Jun 13, 2023

Welcome to the Daily Leverage Edition of the Leverage for Growth podcast hosted by Jesse P. Gilmore, founder of Niche and Control. In this episode, Jesse discusses the four freedoms and their significance in the entrepreneurial journey. He shares insights from Dan Sullivan's book on 10X growth and emphasizes the importance of focusing on what you want instead of being driven by neediness.

The four freedoms include time, money, relationships, and purpose. Entrepreneurs often prioritize the freedom of money, but 10X growth requires a shift in mindset. By focusing on the top 20% of clients who pay what you're worth, you can free up your time and achieve financial freedom. Jesse highlights the need to become a better person to maximize output, relationships, and results.

The Leverage for Growth podcast helps agency owners achieve the first two freedoms: time and financial freedom.

Jesse invites listeners to join the free agency community at https://www.nichincontrol.com/community. The community offers new courses that provide practical steps to rethink time and money management.

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Show Notes

Episode Transcript

You are now listening to Leverage for Growth. Hey everybody, this is Jesse P. Gilmore, founder of Niche and Control and creator of Leverage for Growth. Welcome to the Daily Leverage Edition. Today’s topic is this, the four freedoms. Sit back, relax, and welcome to today’s Daily Leverage. So this morning I was doing my morning routine and went to an appointment. And I started listening to a new book by Dan Sullivan, the strategic coach on the topic of 10X growth. Now this is not the first time that I’ve heard You know, Dan Sullivan talk about how he views the entrepreneurial journey, but it is the first time that I’ve heard him talk about the four freedoms. You have the freedom of time, the freedom of money, the freedom of relationships, and the freedom of purpose. And he talks about how many times the entrepreneur focuses on the freedom of money first. And when you’re looking at the freedom of money, And the desire of growth is a little bit different. When you look at 2x growth, it makes you think about that you have to do like double the work, which seems like an incremental kind of approach to it. And a lot of times that kind of mindset leads towards burnout. 10x growth makes you think about it and reimagine how you’d actually hit that number. He also talks about the shift from being needy or focusing on what you need. rather than to what you want. 10x growth requires you to focus on what you want. You do not need 10x growth. And then neediness is what actually holds you back from that type of growth. And the one thing, the one desire, and the openness to state what you want sets the stage for 10x growth to occur. For example, if you were to look at your client base and identify people that are able to pay you what you’re worth, or even just paying the highest amount. You might have a total of 10 clients right now, and two of them are able to pay this higher amount. The question that you must decide on if you want to grow 10x is, why am I not working with that 20% only? If you were able to focus on those that were paying you what you’re worth and let go of those that are not, you would have just freed up about 80% of your time. Alternatively, you could keep the other 80% and then hire a team that can handle those accounts, but the results, of time freedom still occurs. And when you focus on the top 20% and getting paid what you’re worth, naturally, you’ll have to become a better person. You have to 10x your output, your relationships, and results. So time and financial freedom are connected. Listening to this audio book on my way to my appointment this morning, I am continually reminded of the role that we play with agency owners and getting them to think differently. Thinking differently about their use of time. Thinking differently in their use of their competencies or what they’re strong in. Thinking differently about how they price and package their services. Thinking differently about how they position themselves in the market and attract those higher ticket clients. Thinking differently about how they empower their team to run whole parts of the company so they can focus on growth. Now we help agency owners achieve the first two freedoms. So, My question to you out of the four freedoms, which one are you focused on currently? Is it the freedom of time? As in the freedom of money or finances? Is the freedom of relationships? Or is it the freedom of purpose? So once you’ve kind of identified what that freedom is, if it is the freedom of time or the freedom of money, then I invite you to join our agency community, it’s free for right now. and you can go to nitchincontrol.com slash community. And we are just releasing new courses to kind of help you think differently about the freedom of time and money with actual practical steps. So now is the time for the daily leverage. So where in your world, whether in your life or business, have you been not feeling free? Is it in your life with your health and body? Is it in your life with your spirituality or self-direction? Is it in your relationships with your spouse, partner, or kids? is in your business, finances, or team. And once you’ve located where you have not been feeling free and you know what you need to change, my question to you is this, what are you willing and able to do about it today? That is the end of the Daily Leverage. This is Jesse P. Gilmore. You’ve been listening to Leverage for Growth podcast. If you’re enjoying these Daily Leverage and agency leverage episodes, make sure to subscribe on Apple or Spotify now.