Leverage for Growth Podcast

Episode 128: Steer Your Success With Fitness Functions

Episode Date:Aug 1, 2023

The Leverage for Growth podcast explores fitness functions – key metrics that evaluate performance and growth towards goals. Learn how this concept from evolutionary biology helps entrepreneurs make decisions, shape culture, maintain focus and measure progress in business and life.

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Show Notes

Episode Transcript

You are now listening to Leverage for Growth. Hey everybody, this is Jesse B. Gilmore, founder of Niche in Control and creator of Leverage for Growth. Welcome to the Daily Leverage Edition. Today’s topic is this, steer your success with fitness functions. Sit back, relax, and welcome to today’s Daily Leverage. And in this episode, we’re going to take a deep dive into the insightful world of fitness functions. It’s a tool to guide your journey of growth and prosperity, personally and professionally. So what is fitness functions? In the realm of business and entrepreneurship, fitness functions are the metrics that evaluate the performance, growth, and development of an entity. Originating from evolutionary biology, this concept helps guide decision-making and behaviors towards desired outcomes. Imagine it as your compass guiding you towards your true north. Implementing a well-defined fitness function is akin to setting up a lighthouse that guides your business ship towards its destination. It also helps you focus your resources, prioritize your efforts, and navigate the complex landscape of decision-making that drives us towards achieving our strategic goals. Creating a fitness function that aligns with your goals requires careful consideration. Your function should encompass the essential elements of your organization’s vision, measure, behaviors leading towards success, and also to assess outcomes with an unbiased perspective. And it’s like a weaver trying to create a pattern that captures the essence of its masterpiece. So let’s dive into real-world examples of fitness functions. Google, for instance, relies on relevance. as its fitness function. It’s this measurement of success that guides their entire search algorithm, creating a user experience that billions rely on. Applying the concept of fitness functions isn’t limited to a multi-billion dollar company. Entrepreneurs and startups and small businesses can leverage them to navigate their paths and drive exponential growth. They provide a roadmap. a measure of progress and ensure that every step you take aligns with your ultimate goals. And a well-defined fitness function shapes not just your business strategies, but also your organization’s culture. It can align employee behaviors and performance, promoting a culture of continuous improvement. When everyone in your organization understands the fitness function, They align their efforts effectively, leading towards shared success. But like any tool, fitness functions are not flawless. It’s important to discuss some common pitfalls, like overcomplication or misalignment with the overall goals. An example would be if your focus is on quality as a company, but yet one of the biggest measurements that you use is based around efficiency. Now these could be turn your guiding light into a confusing labyrinth. In the end, ultimately there needs to be some type of introspective exercise. So I’m gonna ask you to reflect on your personal and professional goals and draft your fitness function. So remember that your fitness function is a tool to guide your journey. It gives you focus, measure success, and keeps you on track. So think about what are you actually measuring and what would be a measurement that aligns with your overall vision. To conclude, understanding and applying fitness functions could be a game changer. It can maintain your focus, drive desired behaviors, and lead you towards your own version of success. So now it’s time for the daily leverage. So where in your world, whether in your life or business, could you use fitness functions? Is it in your life with your health and body? Is it in your life with your spirituality or self-direction? Is in your relationships with your spouse, partner, or kids. Is in your business, finances, or team. Once you’ve located where you could use fitness function and you know what you need to change, my question to you is this. What are you willing and able to do about it today? That is the end of the Daily Leverage. This is Jesse P. Gilmore. You’ve been listening to Leverage for Growth podcast. If you’re enjoying these Daily Leverage and agency leverage episodes, make sure to subscribe on Apple or Spotify now.