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The Agency Owner’s Guide to Freedom Audiobook: Chapter 5 – Create Your Minimum Viable Solution

Episode Date:Oct 16, 2023

I am super excited about this episode today and this special edition of the Agency Owner's Guide to Freedom Audiobook Podcast Edition. I'm going to be covering the minimum viable solution framework and how to identify your niche, your ideal clients, and package your services according to value.

This is how you can have an offer in the market that's both profitable and scalable. And that's how I've been helping clients to double or triple their revenue within a few months of working together.

If you deliver great results for your clients, but you're constantly feeling as though you're undervaluing your services or not being paid what you're worth. This chapter I wrote for you.

Get your copy of The Agency Owner's Guide to Freedom: https://www.nicheincontrol.com/book/

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