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AL EP 21: Richard Blount II – Stay Organized for Long-Term Growth

Episode Date:Apr 10, 2023

Being organized in business is not just about having a tidy workspace, it’s about creating a foundation for success and growth, allowing you to focus on what really matters and achieve your goals. In this podcast, Richard Blount II, the Founder & CEO of Four Winds Agency, shares his journey from freelancing to starting his own agency. Richard talks about his passion for his work, how a mission trip to India inspired him to start his own agency, and the challenges of transitioning from a freelancer to a CEO. Blount provides valuable insights on organizational skills, setting up a standard operating procedure, and achieving success by having a process that runs smoothly. Take a page from Richard Blount II’s book and prioritize organizational skills in your business by setting up a standard operating procedure. It’s time to create a solid foundation for success and growth by implementing efficient systems and processes that allow you to focus on what really matters and achieve your goals.

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Show Notes

Richard Blount II has been doing graphic design since the 80s and web design and development since the mid 90s. He has worked for a few agencies in Orlando Florida before going out on his own in 2016, launching Four Winds Agency. They have grown in scope and services to provide full-service online marketing for small to medium businesses.

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Episode Transcript

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