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Episode 150: Warren’s Story of Exponential Growth in 9 Months

Episode Date:Oct 8, 2023

In this stirring episode of the Leverage for Growth podcast, Jesse P. Gilmore unveils another compelling client journey, detailing an astounding business transformation that will ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in every listener.

Warren’s story is not just about financial growth; it’s a narrative woven with the threads of strategic innovation, relentless determination, and the unwavering support of a coach who believes in the latent potential of agency owners. From the brink of uncertainty, Warren’s ad agency leapt to the commanding heights of a $100K monthly revenue, all within an awe-inspiring 9 months.

Jesse extends an unfiltered pass to listeners, diving deep into the interview with Warren, an epitome of exponential growth and a testament to the power encapsulated in the right systems and mentorship. Each word, an echo of victory; every sentence, a chronicle of strategic metamorphosis.

Warren’s monumental growth, fuelled by a synergistic blend of a proven system, strategic coaching, and unyielding accountability, manifests the actionable insights and transformative strategies awaiting readers in Jesse’s upcoming book, The Agency Owner’s Guide to Freedom.

In this episode, every aspiring agency owner will find a mirror reflecting not just their struggles but spotlighting the untapped reservoir of potential waiting to be unleashed. Warren’s story is a clarion call, an invitation to step into a world where limitations are mere stepping stones to unmatched growth.

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Show Notes

Episode Transcript

You are now listening to Leverage for Growth. Hey, everybody, This is Jesse Gilmore, founder of Niche in Control and the creator of Leverage for Growth and the author of the Agency Owner’s Guide to Freedom, which you can find at niching control dot com slash book. Welcome to the Daily Leverage Edition. Today’s topic is this Warren’s story of exponential growth in nine months.

Sit back, relax and welcome today’s daily leverage. So this morning I am getting more excited about our book launch event on October 14th and I get to realize that these client key studies that have been collected over the last four years, I get to share more about how we specifically help them create more freedom in their lives. And one story that you’re going to hear about is Warren’s.

My client, Warren, has been working with me for the last three years after we took his ad agency from 15,000 per month to 100,000 per month in just nine months of working together. Instead of me summarizing his story on this podcast, I’m going to share an interview that I had with him after the ninth month together. Now, before I do, if anything in Warren’s story resonates with you, you can check out more at our case study video at niche control dot com slash case study.

Here is Warren. I’m Warren. Warren Thompson. I started a digital agency called All the Metrics. We do Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO. But what we really specialize in is Google Analytics and helping customers connect the dots from basically from the ad click rate to purchase. So I started the agency about two and a half years ago with a partner, a partner of mine, Charles, who who Jesse knows and has also been on our calls.

And but before that, my background was I wasn’t an entrepreneur first business that I had started and I was a marketing director and I just worked in marketing and client side. So first agency experience and also first the first physics business experience for me to start all the metrics. And it’s pretty amazing to see what’s happened. So we needed someone that can help us get it faster and we needed to outsource some more experience and deep experience into building systems, because that’s really what’s really when it comes to like our whole business model is like expertise and systems and, and those will help us be more efficient with our time, help us get better results for the clients. And so, yeah, we started to kind of see like, okay, like where we’re getting certain bottlenecks that things are taking too much of my time personally started to delegate. We had one employee at the time and then I think that was maybe that was one of the catalysts, is that we had one employee we’re looking to hire a second and then we realized, okay, now they’re expanding the team.

Things can’t all just live in our head anymore. So, well, first off, just having someone to talk to every week, it was was really great. Jesse, you are you’re very good at problem solving. Whatever kind of problems I threw at you, you’re eager to jump in and get in, get to the root cause and come up with some sort of framework.

But the the big ones for us was like building the processes and systems to pull stuff out of mine and Charles heads and then also be more consistent between the two of us because we’re we’re both pretty different. He’s kind of left brain and right brain I guess. And, and so the have been building us up he’s charting charting that path out, having a process for training and developing people and and then even just looking at our whole kind of sales process and our packaging of services and how do we trim some fat off.

I think those systems are very important and you don’t want to lose those key people just because you didn’t you didn’t have a proper plan for their career development. Mm hmm. So I’d say that was that was a really big one for us. Basically, we went from no onboarding and training program to having proper development maps for our employees that were hiring.

Also creating like an onboarding course and administration course and stuff, because we’re doing everything remotely. So we’re building all of these systems for training. We’re trying to make things like modular so they can make them feel they can work in multiple ways. And I think it’s just a completely different way to think about hiring and training people. And it’s it’s it’s a system like everything else, right?

So and that’s something that I from what I’ve heard, all of the employees have been extremely thankful for. And they even they understand that it’s still a work in progress. So they’re helping to kind of build that ship with us. But they since we’re doing it, then they’re on board and they feel like they can contribute versus, you know, having someone shadow you with with no idea what they’re doing for the first three weeks and then hoping that it works out, That’s not it’s not a game plan.

It’s completely expedited. And so it’s a plus. It didn’t have to do it every single time you know, the course is there and then the training programs are there and the knowledge base and everything else that we’ve kind of developed. And so it’s yeah, it’s pretty amazing. And they can learn from each other, too, which, which is it’s also very helpful, but it’s probably cut the time in half whenever we go off, like I’d say off the script and, and then we’ve got like a very specific problem that we have to solve and, and we just bring it to you.

And maybe it’s something that we have to refine a little bit, but we’re going to find we’re gonna get to the bottom of it. And so I think that’s, that’s good that it’s still it’s not like let’s say you go you buy an online course, right? You’re getting that course. That’s it. You’re getting the course. You’re not getting a customized package.

So what I found with this, because I’ve looked at a lot of other agency building agency programs and build better agency like there’s there’s hundreds is that they all they’re all delivering a framework that works for someone that when enough people copy the exact framework, then you’re all going to kind of look the same. And so you’re you’re in a way you’re you’re getting you’re getting access to quick systems and stuff, but it’s in other ways.

I think it makes you look more like everyone else. So the the key, I guess, for us was we’re like, it is when we when we look at what everyone else is doing, we try to say, okay, that’s good. What can we learn from that? How can we be different? And then that often takes us off the script, off of the regular system or something along those lines.

And maybe we can use some principles, but we’re able to solution something together. So that’s that’s definitely a big help. And so where I was getting crickets before after sending people a proposal, now we’re getting a chance to start working with them. This is something that I you know, there’s a few things that you guys have gone through that I’ve never been aware of and that I haven’t seen from a lot of from any other agencies and even from very experienced clients that have been working with agencies for decades.

And so that’s a really good first sign. And then the fact that they’re signed up as a client offer is also a good sign. But and so that that repackaging of the way that we offer and position our services is an absolute game changer. So we like the growth from one employee to seven. And then I think it was about maybe two contractors, 2 to 6 along with that.

So team of three to that, I don’t know the math right off the top may have 13 or 14 or something as has obviously come with a big revenue increase and and well well well maintained a similar profitability. So it’s been yeah it’s been a wild year let’s just say that complete completely different agency than it was a year ago.

Mm hmm. Cool. I think there’s 100,000 digital agencies. Actually, this is a post COVID stats. I don’t know if it’s grown or shrunk, but it was 100,000 digital agencies in North America or the world, I forget. So it’s all about positioning and how you stand up to your competitors. And I think that that needs to be there needs to be someone that something that comes from the owner and so that they can incorporate the system, they can use it to to to make their vision into more of a repeatable process in a system.

But they still need to hold on to why they are meaningfully different than everyone else. MM Yeah, keeping differentiation, not in not doing that templated business system and making sure that as they grow and as they scale, they don’t burn out and they’re also not losing their sense of identity in it, which ultimately the main goal of an entrepreneur is freedom.

And a business should not or should not be something that is training them down to a particular role or thing that they didn’t design. So. Mm hmm. Agreed. What an amazing story of the power of a proven system coaching and accountability. As Warren implemented the right systems in place and put those in place to rapidly scale. If you can relate to Warren story, you will love the Agency Owners Guide to Freedom.

They will be released on October 14th. We have a book launch event on October 14th and you can find out more details at niche In control dot com slash book. And if you can’t make the event or you want to preorder the book, you can do so at niche control dot com slash preorder. Thanks for joining me on the leverage for growth podcast.

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