Leverage for Growth Podcast

S2 / AL EP 61: Nick Deck – Empowering Agency Growth With High-Impact Teams

Episode Date:Apr 11, 2024

Dive into an enlightening episode of the Leverage for Growth podcast, where our host, Jesse Gilmore, sits down with Nick Deck, the visionary founder of Heroes and Sidekicks. Nick shares his journey from launching a successful digital marketing agency to pioneering innovative solutions for building powerful, world-class teams. Uncover the secrets behind scaling an agency to six, seven, and eight figures through strategic hiring, leadership evolution, and maintaining a balance between personal and professional growth.

This episode is a treasure trove for agency owners, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs aiming to transcend traditional growth barriers. Listen as Nick Deck unfolds the methodologies and mindset shifts essential for transforming your agency into a robust, scalable business without sacrificing profitability or personal freedom.

Discover actionable insights on:

  • Mastering the art of strategic delegation and team building
  • Navigating the transition from agency owner to visionary leader
  • Leveraging talent for sustainable agency growth and innovation

Whether you’re looking to refine your leadership skills, enhance your team’s dynamics, or explore new growth strategies, this conversation with Nick Deck offers a roadmap to elevating your agency to unprecedented heights.

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Show Notes

Nick Deck has founded three 7-figure businesses in the last 5 years and is the force behind Agency Sidekicks. From his firsthand experience growing from a company of 2 to a bustling 36 and facing profitability hurdles head on, learning too many lessons the hard way, he got great at building offshore teams and a master at scaling agencies. Agency Sidekicks is his brainchild, born out of necessity and refined through success, offering a no-nonsense, week-to-week partnership to bring on board top-notch, integrated marketing agency teams without the headache of traditional hiring. Nick has crafted the ultimate lifeline for agencies struggling with offshore talent and today, he has over 100 people indirectly reporting to him. So if you’re looking to transform your agency from just surviving to thriving, tune in for a blend of professional wisdom and real-world tactics learned from the trenches of agency growth.

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Episode Transcript