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The Agency Owner’s Guide to Freedom Audiobook: Chapter 3 – Regain Control of Your Time

Episode Date:Oct 16, 2023

This chapter is packed full of resources and strategies. You are about to take control of your time and transform your life! Jesse Gilmore brings the fire showing how your time reveals your current self and what must change! Tracking your time is a game changer – document how you spend each day to expose energy drains and time wasters!

This chapter inspires you to evolve from agency owner to CEO! Adopt new mental models to 10x your productivity and impact! Analyze your tasks using Covey’s 4 Quadrants and working ON vs IN your biz! Then systematically eliminate, automate, delegate and simplify all that doesn’t serve your vision!

Gilmore equips you to dominate your week with his proven framework! Implement his 4 steps to effortlessly regain control of your schedule! Finally, learn the secret of the weekly time log review for continuous improvement! Your time is your most valuable asset – take charge of it now to manifest your future self and soar your agency to new heights!

Get your copy of The Agency Owner’s Guide to Freedom: https://www.nicheincontrol.com/book/

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