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The Agency Owner's Guide to Freedom Audiobook: Chapter 2 – Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Episode Date:Oct 16, 2023

Get fired up to transform your mindset and your life! Jesse Gilmore brings the heat sharing how mindset is the key to succeeding as an agency owner! Your mindset determines your results, so shift limiting beliefs and embrace your limitless potential!

Unlock next level personal growth by fully understanding the Three Selves model! Define your current, future and becoming self for massive clarity! This breakthrough exercise reveals who you are and who you're evolving into! Plus, discover your patterns of existence, drama triangles, mental loops and more to break dysfunctional cycles holding you back!

It's time to get uncomfortable and make big changes through raw honesty and radical accountability! Gilmore challenges you to tell the truth in all areas, so you can fully step into your entrepreneurial calling! Are you ready to kick those bad habits and limiting stories to unleash your best self? The time for transformational mindset shifts is now!

This chapter fires up your potential for explosive business growth! If you're ready to 10x your agency, evolve your mindset first using Gilmore's roadmap! With the right mental models, you'll manifest your most ambitious vision! It starts within – shift your mindset and change your life!

Get your copy of The Agency Owner's Guide to Freedom: https://www.nicheincontrol.com/book/

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