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The Agency Owner’s Guide to Freedom Audiobook: Foreword, Introduction, Chapter 1 – I Created A Monster

Episode Date:Oct 16, 2023

Get pumped up for the Foreword, Introduction and Chapter 1 of the audiobook of The Agency Owner’s Guide to Freedom!

In the Foreword, written by Susan Fernandez, Susan shares how she doubled her agency in 6 months utilizing the strategies, systems, and lessons found in this book!

The inspirational Introduction explains how you can own your destiny by evolving into your future entrepreneurial self across all areas of life. Gilmore presents a blueprint for total personal and business transformation!

Then Chapter 1 brings raw truth as Gilmore candidly shares the painful lessons from dissolving his first biz. Even successful looking agencies can fail from burnout without sustainable systems! Gilmore vowed to solve this so you can build your dream agency without burnout.

This book will ignite your potential and drive massive growth while living your purpose! Gilmore offers a guide to become the leader you’re called to be. If you’re ready for explosive success, get this book and unlock your limitless mindset now!

Get your copy of The Agency Owner’s Guide to Freedom: https://www.nicheincontrol.com/book/

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