Leverage for Growth Podcast

Episode 152: From Draft to Destiny

Episode Date:Oct 16, 2023

The Leverage for Growth podcast shares the journey from book draft to destiny on the eve of The Agency Owner's Guide to Freedom launch. 

Jesse P. Gilmore passionately shares his epic journey of executing his BIG vision to publish an empowering book. Writing this book is transforming him as he leads by example to inspire us to play a bigger game! Gilmore created Leverage for Growth originally to grow into his best self and remember exponential growth secrets. Now, he's fulfilling his calling to share key lessons so YOU can shortcut success too! 

This episode will amp you up to listen to your inner voice and tap into your entrepreneurial destiny! Gilmore brings infectious energy as he describes how his book launch aligns with his vision to help ONE MILLION entrepreneurs transform their lives!  Mindset matters – you can design an epic business and life you love. Release your limitations and allow greatness to flow through you! Who will you become to achieve your wildest dreams? Gilmore passionately challenges us to stop playing small TODAY and step into our future destiny! Grab this episode and turn up your dream life!

Preorder The Agency Owner's Guide to Freedom at https://www.nicheincontrol.com/book-preorder 

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