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AL EP 19: Marshall Nyman – Lay the Foundation & Get Started

Episode Date:Apr 6, 2023

Get ready for an exhilarating episode of Leverage for Growth, as we dive into the world of affiliate marketing with Marshall Nyman, Founder and CEO of NYMO & Co. In this episode, Marshall shares his experience of going from a consultant to building a full-scale agency and gives valuable insights on how to transition from being an employee to an employer. You'll also learn about the mental game of being an entrepreneur and the importance of laying a strong foundation for your business. So, if you're an emerging brand looking to scale up your affiliate program or an entrepreneur looking to make the leap, this episode is for you!

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Show Notes

Marshall Nyman is the Founder and CEO of NYMO & Co., an affiliate marketing consultancy that helps emerging brands grow. He is also the host of the Performance Marketing Spotlight podcast. In 2017 Marshall launched NYMO with his first client and the goal of helping serve early stage startups interested in leveraging affiliate marketing. Today, NYMO serves 30+ DTC brands across a plethora of verticals.

Connect with Marshall Nyman & NYMO & Co. here: https://www.nymo.co

Episode Transcript

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